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  • An Evening with Paul Temperton

    On Tuesday 15th January 2013, Guardian Wealth Management Frankfurt hosted their first seminar, “An Evening with Paul Temperton” in the Kempinski Hotel, Gravenbruch, Frankfurt. Paul Temperton has over three decades of experience in the financial services, having acted as an economist with the Bank of England as well as being a prolific author and economic commentator. As one of Europe’s eminent economists, Paul’s attendance created an air of excitement in …

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Lump Sum Death Benefits Tax: A common mistake UK ex-pats often make in pension planning.

It seems that many UK ex-pats often make the mistake of assuming that inheritance tax will not apply to any lump sums left in pensions after death. Although Inheritance tax does not apply to UK pensions, (it applies to other inherited assets) many people are unaware that another tax is applied upon death; Lump Sum Death Benefit Tax and that this tax can be as high as 55%! Inheritance tax …


Frankfurt seminar welcomes Paul Temperton as guest speaker

Guardian Wealth Management would like to invite you to an evening with Paul Temperton, one of the world’s most influential financial speakers. Having worked for the Bank of England as a leading Economist Paul is now Vice President of European Economic Fixed Income Research for Merrill Lynch and a prolific author of many bestselling books. With interest rates so low and uncertainty remaining around the future of the euro, how …


Is there a pension shortfall on the horizon for the over 50’s?

The Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS), issued a report stating that many over 50’s are not adequately prepared for retirement and may feel short changed when converting their pension into an annuity due to the low annuity rates on offer. The report indicated that women’s life expectancy has reached 88 years but many are under predicting by around 4 years, while men are under predicting by around two years to …


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