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  • An Evening with Paul Temperton

    On Tuesday 15th January 2013, Guardian Wealth Management Frankfurt hosted their first seminar, “An Evening with Paul Temperton” in the Kempinski Hotel, Gravenbruch, Frankfurt. Paul Temperton has over three decades of experience in the financial services, having acted as an economist with the Bank of England as well as being a prolific author and economic commentator. As one of Europe’s eminent economists, Paul’s attendance created an air of excitement in …

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International Life Assurance Frankfurt, Germany

International Life Assurance Frankfurt, Germany

There are lots of aspects that you will need to keep in mind when creating your wealth management strategy and life assurance is certainly one really important aspect of your overall wealth management plan. Life assurance is a sensible solution to the very real life issue of ensuring that your close relatives needs are met in the event of your passing away.

We recognise it isn’t really a subject matter that any of us want to dwell on, but when not having life assurance cover your loved ones may well be vulnerable at this time when they most need security. Everyday life is loaded with responsibilities and one of the most immensely important things that we must always be responsible for is our youngsters, our spouse and our relatives and friends.

Guardian Wealth Management recognises the need for life assurance and our financial advisors will listen to your own personal circumstances in order to assist you to source the absolute best life insurance solutions for you and your loved ones. We offer independent and unprejudiced advice and can source a life insurance products for our clients no matter where in this world they live.

Expat Life Cover

Guardian Wealth Management supply expat life cover solutions through the Life Protector Plan, in colaboration with Global Benefits Europe. Based upon your needs, Our Life Protector Plan can give standalone life cover, personal accident cover, or a mixture of each of those should you desire.

Life protector plans covering your basic expat life insurance needs are available in different currencies; GBP Sterling, US dollars and Euros. There is the option to pay your premiums on a monthly, semi-annual or annual basis and we also will provide cover up to $400,000 (or equivalent) without need to have a medical examination.

If you wish to apply for our highly competitive expat life coverage then please follow the link.

Health And Life Protection Options

Our certified consultants at Guardian Wealth Management will aid you to assess your present situation and discuss the right budget for your life assurance or life protector plan. We’ll offer periodic assessments of your life insurance preferences within our professional wealth management and financial planning service.

GWM can assure you you can choose the cover you’re looking for whilst sitting in the luxury of your home.

Click here for a fast and hassle-free online quote for life assurance. Otherwise, please contact one of our independent financial advisors to find out more about life assurance policies or expat life insurance.

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